Tournament National Dex Almost Any Ability Seasonal - Round 4

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National Dex Almost Any Ability Seasonal
hosted by LordBox​

Tournament Rules:
  • This will be a double elimination best of 3 tournament.
  • 2024 NatDex OMs circuit information.
  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here.
  • The banlist for this tournament is as follows:
    • Ruleset: [Gen 9] National Dex, Terastal Clause, Ability Clause = 2, Sleep Moves Clause
      :Annihilape: Annihilape
      :Arceus: Arceus
      :archeops: Archeops
      :Baxcalibur: Baxcalibur
      :blacephalon: Blacephalon
      :Calyrex-Ice: Calyrex-Ice
      :Calyrex-Shadow: Calyrex-Shadow
      :Chien-Pao: Chien-Pao
      :Darkrai: Darkrai
      :Deoxys: Deoxys
      :Deoxys-Attack: Deoxys-Attack
      :Dialga: Dialga
      :Dialga-Origin: Dialga-Origin
      :dragapult: Dragapult
      :dracovish: Dracovish
      :enamorus: Enamorus
      :Eternatus: Eternatus
      :Flutter-Mane: Flutter Mane
      :Giratina: Giratina
      :Groudon: Groudon
      :Ho-Oh: Ho-Oh
      :hoopa-unbound: Hoopa-Unbound
      :Iron-Bundle: Iron Bundle
      :iron-boulder: Iron Boulder
      :Iron-Valiant: Iron Valiant
      :kartana: Kartana
      :Keldeo: Keldeo
      :Kingambit: Kingambit
      :Koraidon: Koraidon
      :Kyogre: Kyogre
      :Kyurem: Kyurem
      :Kyurem-Black: Kyurem-Black
      :Kyurem-White: Kyurem-White
      :Lugia: Lugia
      :Lunala: Lunala
      :Magearna: Magearna
      :Marshadow: Marshadow
      :Melmetal: Melmetal
      :Mewtwo: Mewtwo
      :Miraidon: Miraidon
      :Naganadel: Naganadel
      :Necrozma-Dawn-Wings: Necrozma-Dawn-Wings
      :Necrozma-Dusk-Mane: Necrozma-Dusk-Man
      :Noivern: Noivern
      :Palkia: Palkia
      :Palkia-Origin: Palkia-Origin
      :Pheromosa: Pheromosa
      :Raging-Bolt: Raging Bolt
      :Rayquaza: Rayquaza
      :regigigas: Regigigas
      :Reshiram: Reshiram
      :Shaymin-Sky: Shaymin-Sky
      :Shedinja: Shedinja
      :slaking: Slaking
      :sneasler: Sneasler
      :Solgaleo: Solgaleo
      :Spectrier: Spectrier
      :Urshifu: Urshifu
      :urshifu-rapid-strike: Urshifu-Rapid-Strike
      :Weavile: Weavile
      :Xerneas: Xerneas
      :xurkitree: Xurkitree
      :Zacian: Zacian
      :Zacian-Crowned: Zacian-Crowned
      :Zekrom: Zekrom
      :Zeraora: Zeraora
      :Zygarde: Zygarde
      Arena Trap
      Fur Coat
      Gorilla Tactics
      Huge Power
      Ice Scales
      Innards Out
      Magic Bounce
      Magnet Pull
      Neutralizing Gas
      Orichalcum Pulse
      Parental Bond
      Poison Heal
      Pure Power
      Shadow Tag
      Speed Boost
      Water Bubble
      Wonder Guard
      Baton Pass
      Last Respects
      Shed Tail

      Moves that are banned in [Gen 9] National Dex are banned here.
      :Alakazite: Alakazite
      :Blastoisinite: Blastoisinite
      :Blazikenite: Blazikenite
      :Gengarite: Gengarite
      :Kangaskhanite: Kangaskhanite
      :Kings Rock: King's Rock
      :Lucarionite: Lucarionite
      :Quick Claw: Quick Claw
      :Razor Fang: Razor Fang
      :Salamencite: Salamencite
      Items that are banned in [Gen 9] National Dex are banned here.
  • Matches are to be played on Pokemon Showdown! Format is challengeable on PS, however will not be challengeable in the future, so here's the code: /challenge gen9nationaldex @@@ !Obtainable Abilities, Ability Clause = 2, Sleep Moves Clause, Terastal Clause, +Chi-Yu, +Darmanitan-Galar, +Deoxys-Speed, +Espathra, +Genesect, +Gholdengo, +Landorus, +Ogerpon-Hearthflame, +Palafin, +Regieleki, +Roaring Moon, +Walking Wake, +Zamazenta-Crowned, +Power Construct, +Metagrossite, -Archeops, -Baxcalibur, -Blacephalon, -Darkrai, -Enamorus, -Hoopa-Unbound, -Iron Valiant, -Kartana, -Keldeo, -Kyurem, -Noivern, -Iron Boulder, -Raging Bolt, -Regigigas, -Slaking, -Sneasler, -Urshifu-Rapid-Strike, -Weavile, -Xurkitree, -Zamazenta, -Zeraora, -Comatose, -Contrary, -Fur Coat, -Gorilla Tactics, -Huge Power, -Ice Scales, -Illusion, -Imposter, -Innards Out, -Magic Bounce, -Magnet Pull, -Neutralizing Gas, -Orichalcum Pulse, -Parental Bond, -Poison Heal, -Pure Power, -Simple, -Stakeout, -Speed Boost, -Triage, -Unburden, -Water Bubble, -Wonder Guard, -Electrify
  • Each round will last 1 week. Extensions are allowed.
  • SV cartridge win conditions are in place; there are no ties.
  • Replays are required!
General recommendations:
  • Contact your opponent as soon as possible upon the round going up. Activity cases are going to be handled in a very strict manner.
  • When scheduling, offer as wide a swathe of time when you are available to play. 1 hour of activity on one or two weeknights is unlikely to be considered acceptable.
  • Schedule specifically - do not schedule for "Friday afternoon" or "Sunday morning", pick a date, a time and note the timezone.
  • If I catch news of ghosting or some other sort of nefarious play, I reserve the right to investigate to the full limits of my ability in conjunction with the TD team provided there is adequate evidence to warrant it.
National Dex Almost Any Ability Resources can be found here. You can also join the National Dex OMs Discord Server for more info / discussion.

cat vs txitxas

Deadline for Extension is 7th March 11:59 GMT-5



TTTech  vs  Giyu
Mattorr Is Cute  vs  Clas
EatFoods  vs  sealoo
Uber45  vs  SammyCe123
RoFnA  vs  Scywave
Atha  vs  BoingK


red fintans  vs  Velcroc
Gimmicky  vs  AgencyIsOwn
Slither Wing  vs  ARTYMASION
bleahey  vs  Evie
cat  vs  Harshad B10
Arishem  vs  SpaceSpeakers

Deadline is March 10th 11:59 PM GMT-5.
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